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with linseed
Reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol,
increases “good” cholesterol
Removes cholesterol deposits
Eliminates the risk of heart attack and stroke
Removes belly
and fat deposits
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How much EXCESS cholesterol do you have?
over 70 cm
Blood pressure
"jumping up and down"
Pain in the area of the
Pain in the
Obvious signs:
Fat deposits under the skin
Diagnosis made by a doctor
Medical statistics show terrible figures
Increased cholesterol level is to be blamed for 2.6 million deaths

It is one of the main causes of a person developing a cardiovascular diseass and the main risk factor in the development of heart attack and stroke. In 2008 the global prevalence of elevated cholesterol levels among adults was 39% (37% men, 40% women).
Cholesterol can "destroy"
the VESSELS within months!
Cholesterol occupies space and "strangles" vessels
A severed thrombus is fatal in 87% of the cases
The result is infarction in 84% of the cases
  • Thrombi
  • Invalidity
  • Stroke
  • Ischaemia
  • Obesity of internal organs
  • Plaques
the level of cholesterol without endangering health?
Important to know!
For the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, it is not enough to decrease the level of "bad" cholesterol. It is important to keep an adequate level of "good" cholesterol, which is essential for the normal operation of internal organs. The higher the level of useful cholesterol is in the blood, the lower the risk of the development of heart diseases.
It took scientists 5 years to develop a unique, perfectly balanced and efficient composition in a cholesterol-reducing cocktail
"Building material" for new cells, helps maintain water balance and remove fat.
Restores blood circulation, supports the normal operation of the heart, liver and brain
It dissolves plaques depositing on the walls of the arteries. It breaks down harmful cholesterol and gently removes it, making room for good cholesterol
It is found in wild oats, rich in fibre and very quickly reduces cholesterol levels
Dr Marilyn Schiller, PhD,
12 years of professional practice
For the prevention of atherosclerosis, that is the obstruction of the arteries, attention must be paid to lifestyle, nutrition and, of course, cholesterol levels. I have been treating my patients with Cholestifin for 2.5 years, as well as using it for prevention. And I am grateful to scientists and doctors because they have developed the ideal medicine. I am completely satisfied with the results and the patients are delighted.

Cholestifin – a unique formulation that destroys bad cholesterol and increases the levels of good cholesterol. Cholestifin increases the work of all internal organs that take care of your well-being and longevity!
What do you choose?
Living a long and happy life or continuing
to damage your health
Correct answer – NO cholesterol!
One box contains 50 ml liquid drops (enough for 2 months daily usage).
For best results put 10 drops in 50 ml of water. Use twice a day.
Just 20 drops of Cholestifin
a day prevent a dozen dangerous diseases!
Gives new life to your blood vessels
Normalizes lipid values in the blood plasma and thus protects from cardiovascular diseases.
Minimizes the risk of coronary heart disease.
Has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, restores blood circulation and protects the blood vessels.
Helps quickly and safely to get rid of excess weight.
Real reviews of Cholestifin
I’m shocked by the RESULT. It got me out of the woods within 7 days!
Sent 16.11.2016 - 14:50
by Evelyn Drummond
I was in a sanatorium; my cholesterol was 6.7. After the sanatorium and dieting, it went up to 7.3. I had an ultrasound scan: my liver was almost normal, but atherosclerotic plaques had appeared. I was shocked. I paid a lot of money for the treatment. I was looking for something good and harmless, so I found Cholestifin. I liked that it increases good cholesterol levels and it is not like all the others that simply subtract ALL cholesterol without sorting. Yesterday I had ultrasound again, and my levels are NORMAL! + I lost 5 kg without any problem. Without any diet or exercise. I’m pleasantly surprised, I feel 10 years younger and probably I’m going to live at least 10 years longer:)))
A natural product for reducing harmful cholesterol
Sent 16.11.2016 - 14:50
by Linda
My cholesterol levels were high, my blood pressure was 160/130, and 45% of my vessels. were blocked. The doctor said it was okay to take cholesterol-lowering tablets, despite having many side effects. I was a fool, listening to him, wasting a lot of money and time, and on top of that some drugs were not available in our little town. As a result, I took he tablets for 15 days and stopped. My liver began to hurt. I have liver problems. I decided to write a recipe for myself and solve this cholesterol issue without tablets. One heals, two kill – that’s my opinion about pills. So started reading folk recipes and medical news alike. I came to the conclusion that there is no better product than what is made up of natural ingredients, and not chemical substances. I tried Cholestifin. ”Surprise” doesn’t even begin to describe my impressions, but I said nothing. After a week, the doctor began to praise the tablets he prescribed. Then I told him everything: he was shocked, and I was amused. Today I have a low cholesterol level, I feel very good, and I believe that at some point I will overcome liver disease too, because everything in our body is interconnected!
In 7 days you will feel like a healthy person!
Your weight decreases
Breathing, walking, running becomes easier
Heart problems disappear
Blood pressure goes back to normal
Vascular disease disappears
Life expectancy increases
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with linseed
Reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol,
increases “good” cholesterol
Removes cholesterol deposits
Eliminates the risk of heart attack and stroke
Removes belly
and fat deposits
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